Government Schools

When I was in school they didn’t teach you a whole lot but at least what they did teach was pretty much what was supposed to be taught. They threw in a little socialism and tried to make it sound cool and hip but most of us just saw right through it. Those were the gay hippie teachers and their class was usually pretty easy to pass because they really had no idea what they were doing.

Now I have noticed a marked difference in what is being taught in public schools. A lot of it doesn’t make sence in the real world. These kids are not being prepared for life. I’m not sure that they are being prepared for anything. Not anything useful anyway. Of course then we have Chester the molester (Kevin Jennings) for our safe schools czar. What the heck is that anyway?

Back to the point, public schools have become nothing more than indoctrination centers for the socialist agenda. I abhor my taxes being spent on such a thing. The teachers can’t even pass tests, how do we expect their students to pass. I guess that’s why they don’t give them grades anymore. What the heck is an “S” anyway? Stupid? Judging from the safe schools czar it means sexy.

Now I don’t have any kids in school. But I’m not begrudging anyone the taxes I pay. I’m just sick and tired of paying to produce a bunch of brain-dead feel gooders that want hope and change. I want a real product for my money. I want graduates that can do things. Like add and subtract and read a clock. Maybe read a book or write a report that another human being can decipher. Is that asking too much? I really don’t want them to know why Heather has two mommys.

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