They’re Dying To Come Out

Another UN Scientist Bails. That’s a headline from the Climate Depot. Another. They are bailing. Why? I think I have the answer. They went into this line of work because they love it. You don’t get a doctorate in some field because you think you should or your mommy wants you to, you do it because you love the work. They love their work, when it’s real. These scientists are sick of the lie. It’s that simple. They went into it to help people, the world. But now they have become scammers to get a paycheck.

When I was young I enjoyed working on cars. modifying them and making them go faster. As I got older I decided to make auto mechanics my profession. I became a dealership mechanic at age 18. I thought I had arrived. I was instructed to sell. Instead of just doing the needed repair and leaving it at that I had to go over the entire vehicle and try to sell my customer anything that was slightly less than perfect. I didn’t like it.

Then, as time went on, attorneys got into the show. If I replaced something too soon I could be sued. If I didn’t replace the same part, and it failed, I could be sued. I became liable for the entire vehicle. End to end. Even though I only replaced the water pump. I bailed. It was not the thing that I loved. I think we’re seeing the same situation here with these scientists. Their profession has been defiled by money grubbing SOB’s and rather than continue they would rather wash cars.


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