Thomas Jefferson said, “When people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” Now I can’t speak for you but I find myself, on occasion, in fear of the gubmint. From time to time I am afraid to speak my true feelings for fear of prosecution on a hate crime or some other stupid thing. Every now and then I delete an entire post because I’m afraid they will come and get me for what I have said.

Does that sound right to you? Is this the kind of thing that should be happening in the United States? I usually get pissed off and rewrite it stronger but just the fact that I sometimes fear for my life like that is sickening. Now I’m quite a fearless fellow and this has happened to me, so what is happening to less intrepid individuals? What if some of these individuals are in the congress? I sent money to Joe Wilson after his outburst. Can you imagine the courage to say that to the face of evil like he did?

Look at the last part of that quote from Jefferson, “when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” What do you think about that? Here’s what I think. I think it’s time to put the fear into the whole bunch. I mean put them out and make sure they never work for us again. Not to some cushy job like these “blue dog Democrats” I’m hearing so much about but to a laboring position in the car wash. You see. Right there. I was afraid to say, “put them out. By force if necessary.” Because I feared that it could be taken wrong and I would be arrested for inciting a riot or some stupid thing. Drag them from their offices in chains and try them for the treasonous acts they have committed. Doesn’t that feel good to hear. It felt good to say. If you don’t hear from me again, please consider donating to my defence fund.


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