Climate Update

As winter storm Algore finishes lambasting the northeast the great man himself comes out with more words of “wisdom” claiming that the south pole will melt in 5-7 years. Even Jon Stewart has had enough saying that poor Algore’s global warming was debunked by the very internet he invented. Good stuff for a change.

Two Academy members, Roger L. Simon and Lionel Chetwynd, called for taking Algore’s Oscar. I guess they figured that in light of recent developments it was a “Bad Oscar”. Now that’s funny! Lord Monckton, a man after my own heart, has accused climate scientists of “financial fraud” and “racketeering”. I love this guy. Let’s prosecute, starting with the big wheel himself, of bad oscar fame.

Honestly folks. I have known for decades that this whole environmental thing was FOS. In the beginning it was honorable and for a good purpose. Things did need cleaning up but that is long over. It’s nothing more than a sick scam perpetrated on the American people, nay, the people of the world, and it must be stopped. I’ve long been an adversary of selling your soul for safety but selling your soul for environmentalism? That’s just sick. A last note Tony Blair said, “World must take action on climate change even if the science is not correct”. WTF?

To see why I like Lord Monckton so much look at this.


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