Prison Products

I wonder how many of you are aware that our federal government is required by law to buy products produced by prisoners. Yup. It’s true. So the warden decides his inmates will produce Chia Pets to help support the prison and the gubmint must buy them. I don’t know what they do with them although I suspect they have ads on late night TV around Christmas time.

Well, since the demise of Ho Ho Ho…Green Jobs Czar, Chairman Zero has decreed that this program will be expanded to include green products. Aren’t Chia Pets green? So I suppose we will be seeing the prison made label on many new products out there. Like eco toilets, basically a five gallon pail under a seat and if you use leaves to wipe you can use the product for fertilizer. That ought to be good for about three hundred dollars a pop to our federal gubmint.

What a splendid idea this is in light of the recent revelation that CLIMATE CHANGE IS BS! Who’d a thunk it?


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