TARP Or What

So we doled out $790 billion or whatever the amount. Now they’re starting to pay it back. Months ago I heard the Banking Queen, Bawney Fwank, saying he had plans for these repayments. He was going to do this and do that. No talk of putting it back where it came from. What is going on here.

Now I hear Chairman Zero saying similar things. I say, NO! This money goes back in the social insecurity fund and the medicare fund where most of it came from. At least pay off some Chicom debt. What the heck is wrong with these people? They think they can just print more and everything will be fine. We should have prosecuted the whole bunch during the check writing deal.

So what I’m seeing here is a giant slush fund. Isn’t this how you launder money? I don’t know, I’m not adept at such things. But let’s recap. They give the money from the social insecurity fund to Bank of America. Are you happy yet? Then when BOA starts trickling in some payments on it they act like it’s this mysterious source of new revenue and start spending it on relocating mooslims or something. Are you happy now?

When the heck are we going to start holding these people accountable?


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