Calling All Crashers

This is a crash course (pun intended) on how to crash the big throw downs at the White House. Apparently you just tell secret service that Chairman Zero invited you and they will call him down. When he asks to see your invitation you ask to see his birth certificate and you’re in. Pictures and all.

Seriously though the media is treating this like no big deal and as I understand it three secret service agents may lose their jobs over this. But as Glenn Beck was saying today, “Do you see one secret service agent making this kind of mistake? No. How about two? No. then certainly not three.” These are undocumented guests that had their picture taken standing next to the President of the United States. WTF?

That’s pretty serious right there. This makes me start to think, what’s going on? Are the secret service being used like bouncers at the bar now? Do they stand at the door and size up people as to how cool they look and then selectively let them in to the big bash? What has this clown reduced the office to? These are trained agents, not recent security school graduates. The recent graduates don’t get Presidential assignment. They didn’t just let these people in. Someone in a position of great authority OK’d them at least. POTUS, FLOTUS or Plugs. Who knows? We probably never will. Some Oliver North type is preparing to take the heat right now. I’ve got to go vomit. See you next time.


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