I watched Sarah Palin’s Oprah interview. Or is that the other way around. At any rate I was able to view it and I thought both of them did real good. Oprah didn’t try to walk all over Sarah and Sarah answered all Oprah’s questions. It was very civil. I didn’t expect that.

Today I was listening to Limbaugh and he had an interview with Sarah then some of his callers were talking about it. One in particular struck me. It was a young guy, 24 I think, and he was talking about Palin running for President and he said that he didn’t think he would be comfortable with her as President. Limbaugh questioned him on this and the crux of the matter was that he didn’t think a woman could handle it.

Sexist. That was my first thought. But the guy went on to explain himself and the problem is that he kind of got to me. I was so stunned that I can’t remember what he said but I found myself saying he might be right. Limbaugh countered with some things and I found myself really confussed.

A rough paraphrase of the whole thing went something like this. The guy says women have a tendancy to go emotional on things where as a man will look at it logically. Then he cites a few instances. This gets me thinking, my own Mom doesn’t really like to go to a female doctor. The guy’s swaying me. Limbaugh says that Palin is the best conservative voice in America today. He asks the guy who would he rather have. The guy has no answer, there is no one else. Now I’m coming back to Palin’s camp.

Then the guy tells Limbaugh how old he is and gives him a little background and says that if a guy like him is thinking this way how many others are thinking like that. Now I’m seeing the guys point. He’s not really trying to convert Limbaugh he’s just casting doubt. I have been thinking about this. I’m not a real dumb guy. Without sounding like I’m blowing my own horn let me just say I’m pretty well endowed in the skull. Now if I was being swayed by this how many others out there are being sucked right in and buying the whole thing? I was going to say “if I didn’t know better” but I don’t, this may have been a seminar caller putting a huge doubt out there to 22 million conservative listeners.

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