Let’s Conserve

I’m tired, oh so tired of hearing all the same old BS from hemp sucking, rope smoking hippies about saving the environment. Today from the magic box in my dashboard I heard of a plan to make bio fuel using…wait for it…wait for it… termites. Oh yeah, termite poop. Apparently the little darlings poop gold or something akin to gold that will fuel Obama’s future.

That’s not the last straw, my last straw came in the seventies when they started their assault on the auto industry. Ask anyone who knows me, I have been cynical and pro free capitalism ever sence then. I voted for my last republican and joined the ranks of the independents and have been fighting the good fight ever sence. But I hope it’s your last straw because I need allys in this tofu sucking day and age.

I remember a kid moving to the neighborhood from Buffalo, NY and describing for me the fun he had walking out on Lake Erie and hunting rats with his BB gun. I called him a liar but he persisted and brought me newspaper articles with pictures (we didn’t have the internet back then). That was the year the lake caught on fire. Yeah, a lake was actually so polluted that it caught on fire. Google it. You know what? You can swim in that lake today. You could actually swim in it a couple of years after the clean up began.

Open sewage pipes dumped raw untreated sewage into the lakes and rivers for years. Industrial waste poured into the waterways. It was a good fight when people started fighting this abuse, but the BS they are forcing on us now is just plain wrong, They are nostalgic for the good ole days when they actually had a worthy cause to support. It’s sad but true, hippies need to go, so from this point on I am not only opposing them, I am declaring jihad on conservationists. Death to Greenpeace!

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