Stand Up

In a vain attempt to make his mentor, Hugo Chavez proud, Chairman Zero has launched a smear campaign against the last remaining sources of real news that is uncensored by his minions, talk radio and Fox News. His first attack was centered on a private citizen who calls himself an entertainer, Rush Limbaugh. Originally just telling the country that they should not listen to him, then for several months trying to have a press release during his three hour radio program every day at noon.

When all this only increased Mr. Limbaugh’s audience, Mr. Obama began his official smear campaign with the standard liberal attack. Racism. Some quotes were fabricated and attributed to Mr. Limbaugh by one of Chairman Zero’s minions, a drunk sportscaster named Rick Sanchez. The story was immediately picked up by several other “news” sources and used in an attempt to foil Mr. Limbaugh’s bid to become part owner of an NFL franchise.

When FOX News picked up on it and broadcast the truth Mr. Obama began his attack on them as well and is now saying that they are not a “real news source”. Zero has apparently formed an enemies list, ala Nixon, and put FOX News on it. It has become an obscession with him. This is the President of The United States declaring war on a private citizen and a news organization. Isn’t this how Castro got started? I guess any criticism of him at all sends him into some kind of vendeta frenzy.

It’s now time for all conservatives to stand up against these liberal bullies. I have but one question for Mr. Obama. Mr. Limbaugh is a radio show host. Everything he says is recorded for posterity. If he did indeed say these racist things, where is the tape?

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