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Ocean Cycles

October 10, 2009

As carbon dioxide (what you breath out and the trees breath in) continues to rise in our atmosphere global temperatures have not increased, this is from the climate correspondent for BBC News, Paul Hudson. How can this be? Scientist Piers Corbyn says that solar charged particles are almost entirely responsible for global temperatures. Can he be right? Research conducted two years ago by the Royal Society ruled out solar influences, Hudson wrote.

Professor Don Easterbrook from Western Washington University says the oceans and global temperatures are connected. He says the oceans have a 30 year cycle in which they warm and cool and the most important one is the Pacific decadal oscillation which is now cooling. Sounds reasonable, right? But the UK Met Office’s Hadley Centre says the long term trend in global temperatures is clearly up. Does this refute Easterbrook’s conclusions? Mojib Latif, a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says that we may be in a 10-20 year period of cooling. He believes that this cooling will be temporary and then we’ll go right back to man-made global warming.

This all reminds me of that old television program “Soap” where when it first came on they made a bunch of crazy statements and then said, “Confussed? You won’t be after this episode.” The problem is this ain’t television and with each episode we get more confussed. My question to you is, is this speculation and contradiction worth destroying our way of life and our economy over, or should we wait until we know what the heck we are doing?