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Baucus Bill

October 8, 2009

Better get ready because here it comes. They are planning to ram their garbage bill down your throat in the near futrure. They fanagled it out of committee and added 75, that’s right 75, amendments after the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) approved it. How do you think it would shake down with the CBO now? They claimed it was paid for but it’s not. It came in at $829,000,000,000.00 well within Mr. Obama’s $900,000,000,000.00 limit. That’s why they say it’s paid for but we didn’t have the $900,000,000,000.00 to begin with so that was like spitting straight up wasn’t it? They claim that this will not add a dime to the deficit, that’s their idea of affordable. What happened to the earlier claim I heard that it would reduce the deficit? How the heck was it going to do that anyway?

This piece of …legislation WILL increase taxes, includes medicare cuts and will raise insurance premiums for tens of millions of currently insured Americans. That’s what it will do and it will do that immediately. The rest of this cobbled up piece of crap won’t even take effect until 2013, one year after our glorious leader secures his second term. NOT!

Now to the meat, the main course. This is not even a bill. It’s not even real legislation. It’s a draft. And the CBO’s score is an estimate of a draft. It’s like getting an estimate to have your kitchen redone. Does that ever end the way they say it will? Did Guantanamo end like they said it would? Things happen. Problems come up that were unforseen. And to top it all off it’s probably not even Constitutional. Read that illegal. Why are we not prosecuting these jackals?

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