Civils Rights

I have been trying to find a definition of civil rights, but everywhere I look seems to be all skewed and convoluted. I know these definitions can’t be complete and many may just plain be wrong. What I need is an old law book from about six or seven decades ago. No matter, I can make my point and draw my conclusions without it.

To the point, it seems that violating ones civil rights is a federal case with possible severe consequences. I’m not sure if this was always this way but I’ll assume it has been. I know that in the sixties many offences were ramped up in severity due to the civil rights movement. Since that time you hear of serious violations of someones civil rights from time to time causing a re-evaluation of certain aspects of the term. As in one definition I found that stated that to discriminate against ones “sexual orientation” violates their civil rights. If that’s so how come we have so many sex offenders. If that’s their orientation isn’t it their right. Perhaps we need another re-evaluation.

Moving along, I finally found a definition in an online law dictionary and  it seems that civil rights pertain to the rights contained in the Constitution. If you violate one of these rights you are guilty of violating someones civil rights. So, to conclude, if someone violates your right to keep and bear arms are they not violating your civil rights?


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