Second Amendment

Shall not be infringed. We’ve been over this before. I’m getting e-mails and seeing articles about this supreme court decision being “of paramount importance to American citizens”. They ask, “whether the right to keep and bear arms secured by the Second Amendment protects Americans from overreaching state and local governments.” I’m here to tell you you’re darn right it does pilgrim. Shall not be infringed does not specify the feds so it extends to your mailman, the pharmacist you get condoms from, the local sheriff and the pizza delivery guy.

I was told in an e-mail that I “urgently needed to demand that my State Attorney General file an Amicus Brief stating that he agrees that the individual right to keep and bear arms is protected by the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution and applies to all 50 states.” Is this hype to get me to donate to their cause? I think so because in the next sentence they asked me for money as well. It was from the Second Amendment Foundation, one of the parties bringing suit against the City of Chicago. That in itself was enough to get me to donate so why all the hype. Are people really so lethargic that they won’t defend these rights? If so perhaps they don’t deserve them.

Remember Patriots, freedom isn’t free. Nothing is. There are no free lunches. Nobody rides for free. How many ways can you say it? If you want to and you can afford it I suggest you google the Second Amendment Foundation and help them defend your freedom. And I’m still considering that Amicus Brief thing.

Oral argument will possibly be scheduled early this coming winter, with a decision expected by June 2010.


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