Cleveland Gets Olympics

Not so much the “Olympics” olympics as the “Gay Games Olympics” olympics. That’s right gay games, the 2014 Gay Games IX Sports & Cultural Festival. Is everyone in Cleveland on board with this? The Federation of Gay Games in Cologne, Germany, announced that Cleveland had beat Boston and D.C. for the “honor?” of hosting the games. Federation of Gay Games co-presidents Kurt Dahl and Emy Ritt said that Cleveland demonstrated to the Federation of Gay Games that they understood the mission of the Gay Games (I wonder what that is?) according to Crain’s Cleveland Business.

It’s estimated that the event could bring as many as 20,000 competitors, 250,000 spectators and $60 million to the area. The money should spend ok regardless of where it’s been but what kind of competetors and spectators are we talking about? Do you think they had a vote on this? Isn’t Cleveland where the alien guy came from, Kucinich or whatever his name is? Crain’s said, “The event will feature 30 sports, four cultural events, opening and closing ceremonies, and community and cultural events throughout the region.” What kind of “cultural events”? They mentioned that twice you know. Do you think the HomoDepot will have kids tents? This is just wrong on so many levels. To read Crain’s article click below.


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