Random Headlines

Apparently Michelle Obama made some kind of statement about flying to Copenhagen as being a huge sacrifice. I’m not sure exactly what she meant. She had to take the 757 and Barack took the 747 maybe it was too big for her to park. Talk about a carbon footprint. At any rate they loaded up and went to Copenhagen to pick up their Olympic trophy for Caponeland. Anyway I guess there was no pressing business here and Michelle said they were doing it for the kids. ?

I read where Georgia is having some flooding. People have lost everything. You would think with so much water that the last thing they would worry about is water but they have no water. Confused? Actually it makes sense if you think about it, the flood waters picked up some sewage waters and have contaminated the drinking water. They have no water to drink. How long can you go without water? I’m not sure. It’s not something I want to find out.

I was thinking about Bush not going to New Orleans right after the hurricane. The media sure gave him a ration for that didn’t they? I’ve never been in a hurricane. I’ve been in a tornado. I’ve been in a blizzard. What do you suppose he was thinking? Wouldn’t you think that the President would want to see first hand what’s going on so he can do something about it? I’ve never been in a flood. That doesn’t sound good. Maybe that’s what Michelle meant. They had to sacrifice going to Georgia to view the devastation to go to Copenhagen and secure the sacred Olympic trophy.


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