Chicago Guns

I warned you this was coming. You have to watch these people all the time. I hate magic just for this reason. You can always figure out how it’s done once you know the general secret and here it is. Always watch the hand that has nothing in it. While they flash the empty cup with one hand the other hand reaches in the pocket and gets the ball to put under the cup when they set it down and boom. It’s magic how the Second Amendment rights disappear.

They have a three ring circus going here, health care, global warming and gun grabbing. I haven’t figured out yet who to watch in what field. As for global warming I think they are in the flash the cup stage and Algore is in the pocket right now so be aware on that front. It would seem that Kerry and Boxer are taking the lead on health care and I believe this is a flash of the cup so look for someone else to throw the ball soon. And while we were looking at the cup in the form of health care Sotomayor and her band of gun grabbers got busy on this Chicago gun ban issue.

Now I’ll bet a lot of you are saying what’s the big deal about Chicago? Who cares? Well let me tell you, this will be a precedent that will be set and they will eat your Second Amendment rights away on the local level rather than federal. They don’t care who disarms you or how they do it they just want it done. Those Second Amendment rights are God given and no one has any business taking them away from you. Now, here comes the tricky part. Who do you put heat on to get these jackals in the supreme court to respect your rights?

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