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A Raise

September 26, 2009

Your liberal reps have done it again. They are giving their staffers a raise in these times when I’m sure no one out there is getting a raise, if they still even have a job to go to. This is a BS little manuver and these people need to pay dearly for it. They took a bill that would temporarily supply funding to keep the congress running and attached this salary increase for their staffers to it. The reason this bill is even here is because they have not done their job. They still have not passed a budget to keep them going. After eight months the smartest President we have ever had could not get this done? What has he been doing? Oh yeah, He’s at the circus.

Apparently the Republicans stood fast against it at the risk of being accused of shutting down the federal gubmint (no great loss). The bull, I mean bill passed something like 217-190. The bill includes $99 million in increases over 2009 for the House and Senate. That’s a lot of pay raises. Let’s remember this in 2010.

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