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Common Bond

September 18, 2009

The last few days I have run a series of posts about names, or tags that we put on people. Have you noticed a common bond or connection there? Racist. Fascist. Sexist. They all have ist on the end. They all describe an action or belief system. But the common bond they have for me is that I have been called all these things at one time or another. I’m not proud. Or ashamed. I’m human.

Chairman Zero came out and said that he doesn’t feel that the criticism of him is racially motivated. He’s right. It’s not that we hate him for anything he is. I don’t hate him, I don’t even know him. I’m just dissatisfied with his performance in his current (and past) positions. The criticism of him that I’ve heard is focussed on socialistic policies that he would like to enact. I have stated my position on this many times but perhaps candidly so here it is. I am not against the gubmint getting in the health care business because they will screw it all up, I’m against it because the gubmint should not be in ANY business for ANY reason. It’s not their function to be in business.

But back to the point. It seems that every time one political party gets the lead over another they want to call the others all these names when their policies are criticised. They try to distract the people from the issue with the ultimate evil of racism. This is especially a liberal tactic. I for one, have grown extremely tired of it. I have never been or owned a slave. None of my tracable ancestors have been or owned a slave. Yet if I disagree with Chairman Zero I must be a racist according to this tactic? NO!

Here’s what I know. People like Jesse Jackson, David Duke and Al Sharpton make their living playing off racism and organizations like acorn, the kkk and the arien nation are part and parcel of the whole racism business. The well meaning but uninformed enable them by not taking the time to be informed and blindly following the ill advice given by their “leaders”. Can anyone tell me why the gubmint should fund an organization like acorn in the first place? Are they funding these other “fine organizations” and we don’t know about it? I think they’ve got way too much of our money.