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Our Gold

September 14, 2009

Since Tricky Dick, a man who I once admired, took us off the gold standard, I’ve been wondering, do we have any gold in Fort Knox anymore? Has anyone checked? Has anyone authenticated it? I’ve heard rumblings that it’s being shipped out of Fort Knox to the International Monetary Fund. Is this fledgling country being stripped of it’s wealth by the Europowers? Does it really matter?

Why would I ask such a thing you say. Well, first off, there has not been enough gold mined to support just the U.S. currency floating around. not to mention the rest of the world. Why is gold worth so much? It’s nearly useless for anything but looking at and light electrical circuits. We need to back our currency with American wealth. What I mean is we need to produce quality merchandise for the entire world as we have in the past. Nobody produces anything in this country anymore.

Remember when “Made in the U. S.A.” meant something besides it’ll probably break shortly after you pay for it? When did our standard become engineering it to last just long enough to get off warranty. I’m not kidding here, I’ve been there. They call it overengineering if you design something to last. It’s all about the Benjamins and that’s exactly what they are devaluing when they do this. It’s so bad that I’ve heard talk of the American dollar not being the standard of the world anymore. Is this what you want? This is what so many people are working towards. So, the next time you line up at the Toyota dealership know that you ARE part of the problem.