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September 10, 2009

As we descend into communism is the gubmint deliberately allowing our infrastructure to deteriorate? It sure seems that way doesn’t it? It appears that the more we pay in taxes the less we see in returns. Where do you think it goes? I have a theory. I call it the Punishment Theory. Here’s how it works and the higher a person moves in the gubmint the more they subscribe to it.

You should give all your money to the gubmint and in return they will dole out an equal amount of gruel and grog to every individual in the country except,  of course, themselves. Now, as you resist this plan they punish you for resisting. If you won’t give that extra two mills they will punish you by cutting thirty police officers when in reality if they cut two administrators (read that bureaucrats) they could keep all the police officers and probably add six more.

Now we need six mills for transportation (roads). You vote it down and they punish you. They take the money they did have for transportation and buy helecoptors and jets to drag their filthy butts around and let the roads go until next election. Does this sound like what might be happening because it sure makes sence to me. Why does the gubmint need so many middle managers (bureaucrats)? Every time I have worked for a gubmint agency I was one of one or two workers with three to ten bosses. And God forbid you should cut one of them out of the loop. They came unglued and it took a full half day meeting to pacify them.