Ding dong the witch is dead! That’s right sports fans the green jobs czar has resigned. About midnight last night (which I believe is the equivalent of five PM for the rest of us in organizer time) Van Jones officially resigned. He claimed that opponents used a smear campign of lies and distortions. Seems like that would have been easy enough to refute, perhaps there was just no evidence that they were truly lies and distortions.

The Washington Post article goes on to paint him as the patron saint of the environmental movement. I don’t know which makes me sicker that prior to his appointment by Chairman Zero I had never heard of him or the Post making him out to be the savior of the world. He said he came to fight for others, not himself. I kind of read that as, “My background will stand up to NO scrutiny.”

If he truly believed that Bush was responsible for 9/11 why did he fold on that so quick? I guess it’s easier to accuse than it is to stand behind your accusation. That’s something I’ve noticed about these people, they want to throw an accusation out there and see if it sticks, as if the accusation is everything and the facts mean nothing. Well I’m glad it went the other way this time but I fear that not only were the accusations true but he is not the only appointee with fat skeletons in his closet.



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