The Finger

While listening to the radio today a man called in to Mark Stein, the guest host of the Rush Limbaugh Show, and described something very unusual. He said he was at a health care protest and some people from move were there accross the street (an astroturfing expedition I guess).

One of them came accross the street in a menacing fashion and went over to the oldest, frailest one of the protestors, got up in his face and began yelling at him. Then he grabbed his arm, pulled him into the street, bit his finger off and ran.

The caller said he was stunned and when he regained his composure the man had gone to the hospital without his finger so the guy looked and found it and took it to the hospital.

I guess these communists have resorted to nawing off digits now so be careful. To read the liberal third hand accout of this go to,0,7135717.story


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