The Solution

I’ve got it. After seconds, maybe minutes of deep and careful concentration and thought I have the solution for the health care crisis. But, you’re not going to like it. Outlaw insurance. Outlaw all insurance. It’s brilliant yet simple. Is there a fine line there? Am I brilliant or simple? While we’re at it let’s do as Shakespeare suggested and “kill all the lawyers, kill them tonight.”

Well, not so much kill them as make them work for a living again. No more ambulance chasing. It’ll be like breaking a dog of chasing cars, but we can do it. Then they can go back to practicing real law and maybe learn how so they don’t have to practice anymore. Really it won’t be as hard as you think because if there are no more insurance companies they won’t be able to sue McDonalds because some idiot burned his peepee with hot coffee.

Limbaugh was bragging the other day about not using insurance and paying cash for health care. Point was that they figured it up and not having to deal with insurance companies they were able to give him about forty percent off. I forget the actual figures but it was something like $6,000.00 for a $16,000.00 procedure.

Let’s go back to paying cash.

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