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September 1, 2009

The wonderful people at the United Nations have come out with yet another stellar report. This one is called “International Guidelines on Sexuality Education”. Among other fantastic ideas is the one that says that five- to eight-year-olds should be told that “touching and rubbing one’s genitals … ‘can feel pleasurable.'” They also should learn about “gender stereotypes” and that anybody (regardless of sexual status) can “raise a child and give it the love it deserves.”

In the words of retired Marine David William Hedrick, “Stay away from my kids!” In this matter there has to be a line that you don’t step over. In my article of May 14, 2009, Modesty, I think I made that pretty clear. We need the plain brown wrapper back on the monthly issue of Playboy. Sex is not the responsibility of the government schools or the office of civilian “affairs” (get it) and certainly not the United Nations. It’s the responsibility of the parents. That’s a period there.

I implore you, let your representatives know how you feel on these issues. It’s the only way we can take back our country from these people. To read the American Thinker article on this go to  . To hear Mr. Hedrick’s speech go to  .