As I watched the school bus pass through the intersection I thought back to my days in government school and I felt sorry for those kids. The school system I attended was said to be among the finest in the world at that time. It was said to be “very progressive”. We didn’t know what that meant back then. But, as a survivor, I’m here to tell you what that meant.

School was nothing more than a big party. I actually learned very little of any value after about seventh grade. I used to read the book at the beginning and then again just before finals, then skip as much as possible in between. I passed with a c average and graduated a semester early. The time I did spend in class was usually filled with worthless lessons about failed policies. Of course they hadn’t failed at the time, but they have now. Free sex comes to mind. One of the first schools in the country to hand out condoms and promote homosexual behavior. We had several openly gay teachers. It’s not a lifestyle, it’s a sickness.

There were two  loser cruisers I could ride, the first was a regular, overcrowded bus, the second was the smoking overcrowded bus. Yes, we could smoke on the bus in high school. And no smoking in the boys room, we had a smoking lounge attached to the cafeteria. I may give away too much here but possession of less than an ounce of marijuana was punishable by a five dollar, mail in ticket (and still is to this day). That is what your taxes pay for. That is progressive.

As i looked at those poor kids on that loser cruiser being trucked off to be indoctrinated, I thought, “No wonder Obama got elected.”

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