Cindy Sheehan is going to Martha’s Vineyard. “Who?” you say. Cindy Sheehan, you remember she protested the Iraq war by relentlessly camping out near President George W. Bush’s Texas ranch during his vacations. Apparently she is not two faced like a certain self anointed messiah we know, because she is now camping out at Obama’s vacation spot to shed light on the fact that he is the same as Bush on war.

So, let’s see. Cindy Sheehan hasn’t changed. Apparently Barack Hussein Obama is the same as George W. Bush. So what has changed in this equation? Oh yeah. There it is, the missing link. The media is not covering this like they did when she did it to Bush. Why do you suppose that is Mr. Wizard? Let’s examine the facts.

When Bush was President the media hounded him for all things stupid and embarrassing. Now that Obama is President the media glosses over or completely omits all things stupid and embarrassing. Obama and Bush are the same on war. Obama and Bush filled the same public service position. So this leaves one conclusion. Could it be? No. Not the media. It looks right. I think it’s right. How embarrassing. The media, as a whole, is racist.

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