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August 22, 2009

How many of you are old enough to remember when cable came to town? I would imagine not very many, but of those of you who do, what was the big selling point? They came to us with their hat in their hand and nearly begged us telling us that we would be able to watch programs uninterrupted by commercials if we just paid them? Say it in unison, “ Why yes Rick, I believe that was it.”

So what happened? I pay them what a man earned in a week in 1965 every month and I see more commercials now than I ever did in the sixties. I was watching a program from the “golden years of television” a while back and they had so many commercials that they had to shorten the program. It used to have a little blip at the end but they had to cut that out to make room for the butt machine ad or something. Between cutting the shows up for political correctness, commercialism and the out of this world cable bill, I rarely watch TV anymore.

And when did the networks all become such great friends. They used to compete for our viewing with good programming that we wanted to see, Now they not only have the same crap on that no one wants to see they also advertise for each other. But that’s ok, I can get two Spanish channels and the “all church all the time” network if I buy one of those converter boxes and a two hundred dollar antenna.

Hallelujah Senor! At least it’s free. Or, I could get a life.