I was listening to the radio this morning and the guy was talking about some kind of problem at some sporting event. It seems to me that sports has more than it’s share of problems. Personally, I can take or leave any sports event. If I had a choice of only sports events to go to it would be the local drag races. Likewise I can sit through almost any sports event but I wouldn’t give a nickel to watch one. If it’s free maybe I’ll sit there if I have to but I would rather read a book. Right or wrong I can’t support something that makes millionaires out of such trash.

Which brings me to my point. Why are tax dollars used to; A) Build sports arenas? B) Litigate sports related problems when no law has been broken?

Let’s take these one at a time in order. I can understand the reasoning that sporting events bring revenue into the city but why is the arena, built with tax dollars, then turned over to the franchise? Why doesn’t the municipality run it and collect the revenue and pay the team a percentage of the take? I’m sick and tired of supporting twisted jock lifestyles with subsidies.

Next, when some dumb jock shrivels his peepee with a perfectly legal drug prescribed by a medical professional and it violates some BS regulation, why are we having senate hearings about it? And on the other side, why is some dumb jock out on parole after a felony offence when you or I would be bunking with Bubba for many moons? Don’t tell me it’s all about the Benjamins, some of these guys only show up in court as a formality. They are as good as free before they are even charged, unless of course they happened to involve an innocent animal (dog fighting, Has Michael Vick paid his debt to society or not. And if not, why is he out?)).

How does this speak about the integrity of our culture? Of mankind in general?


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