Chief Diversity Officer of the Federal Communications Commission? What is that? What, precisely is his function? Apparently Mark Lloyd the CDO of the FCC has proposed insanely high fees on private broadcasting companies so that the trash known as pubic, I mean public radio will be equally funded. Again I say, I’m sick of paying for public radio. It sucks. That’s why it can’t make it on it’s own, just like the railroad.

So, what say we hop off the sofa and call and e-mail our “do nothing until the heat is turned up” representatives until they do our bidding. CDO Lloyd is calling for “diverse views” in broadcasting. I’m not sure what is meant here as I didn’t hear it first hand. Is he wanting all radio stations to come under his control and broadcast these “diverse views” or just the public crap that only two people listen to. I listened to public radio once. They had a blues special on a Saturday afternoon and between the blues (which even I had never heard, read that obscure, B side crap) and them begging for donations for fifteen minutes between songs I was ready to suck on a .45.

Thankfully, I think he’s just talking about the public crap because he goes on to say they should cover all local, state and federal government meetings. Man, that ought to draw them in, huh? (Read this next part in the voice of that guy who does the movie trailers) In a world where exciting thoughts and and ideas are voiced everyday. One man dares to be different. Mark Lloyd, CDO. In the new snooze fest, “NPR, Public Meetings”. Coming to a public school classroom near you.

Should you choose not to accept this mission you will probably be listening to local public budget reports for many moons.

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