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Oh Well

August 14, 2009

It amazes me when people in a community have a good thing going and then they shamelessly bend over and take it from a discontent minority. At this particular time I’m speaking of Daytona Bike Week, although it could be any of thousands of events across the country or even the world. Now I’m an old school biker and I wouldn’t be caught dead at a bling event such as Daytona has become. I gave up when I started to notice undesirables buying Harleys, like doctors and lawyers and such. They truck them in to these events, act like a bad ass for two weeks, then fly home and go back to the jacuzzi. But it’s bringing that desired revenue into the city and a splendid time seems to be had by all. Oh, except those aforementioned whiners.

Yeah, here’s the scoop. It seems that some yuppies, or other effeminate group, has been complaining in recent years about the noise and activity of bike week. So, the powers that be have started legislating themselves out of business, because here’s how it will break down. First they’ll make some nuisance laws with attending nuisance fines – word will get around and some people will quit coming. Next they will make some laws with teeth in them, maybe even jail time for ridiculous infractions – word will go around and people will start saying how bad it sucks then even more people will quit coming. Somewhere around this point the revenue will start dropping off sharply. Then the organizers will either stop it all together or move it outside of the area where the legal harassment is occurring.

Either way it’s all down hill from there. Some people just can’t leave anything alone. Oh well, another fine time ruined. Compliments of the wussies. Is anybody happy yet?