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August 12, 2009

This site was not up and running when Bush was President. Obama’s election actually shocked me into doing it. If it had been , you would have read some terrible ripping on Bush every time he did one of those things I considered communist (like homeland security). I thought he was so dumb that I used to call him Curious George. The reason I’m going here is because I’m sick of hearing what Bush did. BUSH IS NOT PRESIDENT!

I don’t give a horses petutie what Curious George did. OBAMA IS PRESIDENT! Did that sink in? He is responsible for what is happening now. In fact, TARP was passed by the Democrat controlled congress (Chairman Zero included) so Curious George and the Republicans had little to do with that. Had Curious George not signed it they had the votes to override him. Chairman Zero inherited a cushy, six figure job with excellent benefits and the remnants of the Pelosi Reid regime from Curious George and nothing more.

When is this schoolyard wimp going to start taking responsibility for his actions and quit trying to blame everybody else? “Georgie did it! Not me!”, is all that comes out of his adolescent mouth and I’m sick of hearing it.  Check it out. The last two years of Curious George’s Presidency, when all the BS came down, corresponds with Pelosi’s reign of terror. Actually, for an idiot, Curious George wasn’t that bad.