“the Republic for which it stands”. What does that mean? Do you really know what a republic is or do you think we live in a democracy? Webster’s Dictionary defines it as “a political unit or state where representatives are elected to exercise power”. In Wikipedia it is defined as “a form of government in which the head of state is not a monarch and the people have an impact on its government.

There are many republics; classical republics, democratic republics, mercantile republics, protestant republics, liberal republics, socialist republics, communist republics, islamic republics and of course banana republics, as well as many more I’m sure I missed. What is a banana republic? Well Wikipedia defines it as, “a pejorative term for a country that is politically unstable, dependent on limited agriculture (e.g. bananas), and ruled by a small, self-elected, wealthy, and corrupt clique”.Hmm, that kind of sounds like our president and congress.

Anyway, ours is a democratic republic with a constitution. So all you Republicans out there feeling right are not and all you Democrats out there feeling slighted, you’re in there too. Short answer, we elect clowns to do our bidding according to our Constitution. But as soon as they are elected they go into business for themselves and do whatever brings them the most money and gets them reelected for decades, regardless of what the Constitution says. Democrats and Republicans are both guilty of what I consider treason so don’t be pointing at Bush or Obama.

The bottom line is, this has got to stop. We have a Constitution. It’s not open to debate. It can be amended as the result of a debate but it says what it says, period. The federal government is guilty of not honoring our Constitution and they continue. How much will you stand for?


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