Government Structure

Have you ever wondered about government structure. I mean what is the hierarchy? Who answers to who and why? I’ve worked for a few government agencies and I’ve had inside knowledge to many more. It’s far more complicated than you would think, and getting worse by the minute. The basic problem stems from the old adage “Too many chiefs and not enough Indians”. Now before we get off on a tangent about political correctness let me say that I’m an Indian and I’m not offended by the term so screw anyone that is, they’re liberal.

Now back to the matter at hand. As I said there are all these little $100,000 a year “administrators” running around fighting with each other over who’s in charge of what at our expense. That’s the basic problem. Yet every time there is a budget problem the people doing the actual work get the ax. Why is that? I believe it’s the politicians way of punishing us for not giving (in their view) enough in taxes. Yeah, you won’t pony up the dollars, well you get less law enforcement and firefighters. Isn’t that always the story on ABC?

What can we do about this? The system is firmly ensconced and would probably take an insider (actually many insiders) to dislodge. My best suggestion is that if you’re sick of this, get elected and start making the change. When budget time comes cut three administrators instead of twenty workers and watch the productivity increase. Or see if you can get your elected officials to do this. Good luck.


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