What exactly are we getting for our taxes? I’m not sure. Can anyone clarify this for me? Are our taxes supposed to fund those hideous strips of asphalt that we call roads or those rusting and rotting structures we call bridges? How about police departments that take two hours to respond to a 911 call while two of them run a speed trap a mile away? Is that what our taxes are for?

Maybe it’s for those institutions of higher learning where a person goes in a novice and comes out a professional with intricate knowledge of everything he will need to succeed at his chosen profession. Of course I’m talking about prisons because the colleges and universities aren’t doing that. It’s so bad that a woman is actually suing a college because she can’t get a job after spending 70 large on a masters degree.

I guess taxes are for those courts that give a rapist three years with good behaviour while sentencing a pot pusher to twenty years. Say isn’t Manson up for parole again this year? Oh wait, I forgot about the social security system that we are giving to illegals. Oh yeah, that’s a separate deduction. Taxes taxes taxes, I really can’t figure out what we are getting for them, the military and NASA have been cut to the bone.

Oh, right, laws. I Googled it, I went to ask dot com, I even went to AltaVista and the best answer I got for the question of how many federal laws (not state and local, just federal) there are in the United States is, “Nobody knows, it would take years to figure out.” That sounds like too many to me. I did the searches again and got no satisfactory answer but I seem to remember something like 11,000 pages of federal tax laws. So we’ve come full circle, apparently our taxes pay for more tax laws (health care), (cap and trade).


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    Read my take on the tax situationHere

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