Ok, follow my twisted logic here. When you buy insurance you are actually selling your freedom for security. Ok, now that half of my readers have gone on to something more sane like Glenn Beck or Oprah we can talk. Lets talk about the tired old comparison of auto insurance to health care. You have auto insurance, right? When you have a catastrophic event it takes care of it, right? If you drive through the garage they fix it, right? When you spill brake fluid on the fender and it takes the paint off they repaint it, right? When your brakes wear out they replace them, right? When you need an oil change they cover that, right? When you are low on gas they fill it up, right?

If you answered no to any of the questions above why do you think health care insurance should pay for doctor visits and liposuction?  Think for a minute about how much auto insurance would cost if they did cover all of those things then reflect on the bargain you are getting with health care. If auto insurance covered all those things do you think they might want to have a say in how you maintain your vehicle, or the places you drive to or the way you drive? You’re darn right they would. And health care is no different.

I smoke, when I can afford it. Don’t you think the health care insurance companies would like to make me stop. I bet they would like to take that greasy pork chop away from you as well. Obamacare will make this all possible. If you’ll refer back to my post of May 20,2009, The Big Three, corrupt politicians, insurance companies and the judicial system, you’ll realize that I’m not defending the insurance companies, I’m just trying to point out where Obamacare will take you.

Freedom is not free, will you sell your freedom for security.


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