Special Interests

Ever wonder how come politicians keep doing these weird things? Where do they come up with one twisted idea after another? And why a seemingly normal person would introduce such legislation? Answer: Special interests and activists. They are the root of our problems. They go to Joe Senator or Mary Congresswoman and say, “Hey, I represent some people who want to marry their cats so here’s a two year lease on a limo, why don’t you introduce some legislation for this?” Simplified, but essentially what happens.

Now I’m not here to debate that, I’m here with a question. Where do they get their money? There certainly can’t be enough people out there that want to marry their cats to support these people laying around DC and passing out perks are there? I’m kind of thinking we (you and I, Joe Taxpayer) might be somehow supporting these parasites. The thought gives me chills, I picture a Lamprey eel with it’s teeth sunk into it’s host, sucking the life’s blood right out of it. That’s exactly what these special interests and activists are doing and I know they are getting some kind of grant to do it. There’s no way their deranged constituents have the money to support them.

Can anyone tell me how this trick is done and how we can make it stop? Hey, maybe we should get a lobbyist?


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