What You Do With It

A woman said to her representative in regard to health care, “Your family is no more precious to you that mine is to me.” I don’t know, maybe that’s true. Maybe the representative hates his family too, I don’t know. But here’s what I do know, apparently he has done more with his life than she has with hers or they wouldn’t be having that conversation. Does that sound callused?

Well, let me clue you in to a secret. LIFE IS NOT FAIR. Yeah, sure, all men are created equal. But you see there should be more to that, all men are created equal, it’s what they do after they are created that makes some superstars and some bums. And don’t give me grief on terminology, this includes the ladies as well.

I believe it was Lincoln that came out with that first bit about all men being created equal but how true is that really. I mean if you are born to a single mother in a shelter are you really equal to someone born to parents with means? Are you slighted in this equation because of what your parents have done as well? If you are born in a communist dictatorship are you equal to someone who is born in a free country? Now is your political situation slighting you too?

All people are created equal is a beautiful idea but is it reality?


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