You see I used to be pro-life. Then the thought occurred to me that anyone who would have an abortion would probably raise a child that I would end up having to fight and possibly kill anyway. So why not just let them do it for me. However, I still will not pay for it. My tax dollars should not support something that I abhor so much. If you want an abortion, go for it, but don’t expect me to foot the bill.

The “Reducing the Need For Abortions Initiative” HR 1074 is a bailout for the abortion industry and just the kind of thing I’m talking about. The problem is that I can’t find the bill anywhere. I normally go to the source. The house web site does not have anything on it. The only thing I can find is from Congressman Tim Ryan .

This kind of thing perplexes me. I get an e-mail or find something on a blog, and then it’s years old or just not true. Is this the product of liberal disinformation or just the blathering of well meaning sources for the particular issue? Either way it’s counter productive. I have noticed an abundance of “religious” information out there that is just wrong. Being a Christian this type of thing bothers me. I think the worst is when somebody passes me on the right, while I’m doing the speed limit, then I see the Jesus sticker. ARE THEY NOT AWARE THAT THEY ARE SINNING?

Actually, they are forgiven, not perfect. As I saw on a Church sign; Believers are not sinless, but they should sin less.

Check this out


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