To hear the mainstream media tell it the low taxes and balanced budget of Texas is foolish. They want more spending on education and health care. Check that here, ( )

I have lived in Texas and I would not mind going back. They believe in Liberty and self reliance, the type of things that create a business friendly environment. This is what we need right now not an unemployment rate two points above the national average like California. Texas is experiencing an influx of people of 150,000 per year and a lot of that from places like California where a van rental costs three times as much from LA to Houston as it does the other way.

I live in Florida now, and I have seen it happen. If this trend continues you can get your checkbook ready for tax hikes because they come in and start electing these jackasses and the next thing you know you have Massachusetts South.

Is Mexico colonizing Texas or is it Massachusetts (read that Drooling Barney and Chappaquiddick Ted). Either way you better start looking for the next state to flee to.


PS: all I’m trying to say here is stand up and fight right where you are. Running is not the answer. I’ve tried.

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