Democrat. Republican. Republican. Democrat. Burger King. McDonalds. McDonalds. Burger King. What’s the difference? No matter which one I choose I’ll be getting indigestion and most likely acid. I want real change. I want a real steak. Not some warmed over version of the other one. It’s alleged that the Republicans used to be conservative. When was that? Don’t say Reagan. When he was a Democrat he voted for more liberal crap than I care to dredge up. Nixon? EEEEENNT! (That’s an obnoxious buzzer).

This partisanship is destroying our country. That’s what’s doing it. Can’t you see. People, good people, on both sides of the aisle want the same things for their families. But fecal matter such as Jesse Jackson, Wayne LaPierre and the rest of the dividers strive to keep us from getting together because they know that if we do, their gig is up. No more gravy train for them. This is a heart felt appeal.  Don’t count on Sir Ted and Newt to do it. They can’t see past the pledge pin on their lapel.

You, over there on the left. Curious George don’t care. Blame him all you want. He’s got his bonanza. He’ll live happily ever after. You, over there on the right, thinking you’re right. Barrack don’t care. He’s in like Flynn. His gravy train is set. Him and the girls will be living the high life until they die. How do you like that. You’re going to pay for it. That’s a period. You’re going to pay for it period. Even if he’s impeached, you’re going to pay for it.

Stop the bickering. Get together and plot a course for the future. Then as Captain Kirk used to say, Engage.


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