This is one dangerous lib. She came right out and said that we have no Second Amendment right. My contempt for her is boundless. How does a country of this magnitude produce such trash? I’m flabbergasted. She speaks of adversity yet she lives here. She grew up here. The opportunities are boundless. She is living proof of this. Excuse me I have to vomit.

I’m back. How did it happen that we just kept letting these communists keep gaining ground? In the liberal bastian of “higher education”  where I grew up they seemed fairly mainstream. Had I known what I know now they would have had a much rougher time. Once we get this “wise Latina” on the Supreme Court how many libs will that make? It’s getting dangerous. We must take this country back. You can no longer sit back and let the guy next door, or the woman at work do the talking for you. You have to come out and confront these people or the United States of America, as we know it, is gone.

Welcome to the United Socialist States of America (USSA) comrade. Go ahead, laugh. It’s happening before your eyes. Once again I implore you to talk to the young. Educate them. The socialists are using your tax dollars to educate them in their ways. You must counteract this barrage of BS. Youngsters, seek council from the old. They know things you can’t imagine. Glean this wisdom before it’s too late.

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