Why was Major Stefan Frederick Cook fired. “Who?” you say. Why Major Stefan Frederick Cook, you remember, the Army reservist who filed suit against chairman zero regarding his place of birth and his authority to issue any orders for the U.S. military.

“Oh yeah, Fired?” you say. Yeah fired. that’s right, chairman zero got his private employer to fire him from his civilian job. Can we say coercement? What is zero hiding? This is starting to get scary. This guy is questionable at best. This administration has become some kind of evil Mafioso. I hope they don’t start breaking legs for speaking your mind, I’ve got enough trouble.

They are trying to sweep this guy under the carpet and hide him away. Why? Again, what are they hiding? Check these stories.

There was another such case that has been swept under the carpet for years now, so again, before I go, I’ll ask one more time, what ever happened to Michael New?


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