So, do you like babies? Are you glad you had some? Do you want to have some? Do you want your kids to have some? If you answered yes to two of these four questions I have some disturbing news for you. The new science czar (who looks like satan) John Holdren, would like to put sterilants in the drinking water. In fact in his  “epic novel”, Ecoscience, that he coauthored with Paul and Anne Ehrlich (?), he entertains the ideas of compulsory population-control laws (read that forced abortions) and he believes that it could be sustained under the existing Constitution.

He goes on about such things as government confiscation of babies, targeted involuntary sterilization and government dictating family size. To make this all even more scary, he is a czar. Chairman Zero appoints these jackals and they answer to no one. Their agenda, a “planetary regime”. His words, right out of his “epic novel”. The same planetary regime envisioned by Algore and his minions. This is the ultimate goal for these flummoxed fools. Together with Stewie Griffin they wish to rule the world. By global warming or any other grim fairy tale they can concoct.

Well, I hope you’re as excited about our future as I am, because a day without babies is just another day in heaven, right?


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