Ok, it started when I got an e-mail that broke down the people that voted for Obama and McCain. It said it was by a Professor Joseph Olson of Hamline University School of Law in Saint Paul Minnesota. It went on to paint a grim picture of Obama supporters. I wanted to write a piece about it and include the facts so I checked it with first. Snopes told me it was “mostly false” so I decided to review their research and see what was not false.

According to snopes Professor Olson did not do the original research and that’s where it ends. The only fact they checked at snopes was the one relating to murder rates in different counties that voted for different candidates and that was correct although it was exaggerated. This did not rule out the bulk of the research for me. I would say we have a fifty-fifty at this point and not being satisfied with that I decided to look into snopes.

According to an article in, snopes is run by a husband and wife team out of their double-wide outside Los Angeles, who together with their five cats seem more interested in urban legends than political facts. This disappointed me, but it is fine for dealing with a freakishly large dog, UFO sighting or similar report, but for facts and statistics it’s back to the old research and files.

If you think I might be yanking your chain read this,


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