Schoolyard Wimps

Have you noticed that these people Chairman Zero is putting in charge of things are like the schoolyard wimps. You know, the ones that hung around each other, huddled together in the shadows hoping for safety in numbers and to go un-noticed. I remember when I started to notice this trend was when he appointed Rahm Emanuel and Rush Limbaugh said that he (Emanuel) had all the ferocity of a “feral mother rat” and they showed him in his tutu.

Then it just kept rolling, one wimp after another, not the least of which was little Timmy Geithner. Then you just roll down the list with one wimp after another, Gates, Holder, Salazar, Sebelius, Chu and let’s not forget the biggest wimp of all Napolitano. They all seem to have chips on their shoulder. They have a little power (they think) and they are just spoiling for someone to cross them. Well I’m their huckleberry. They have no power at all except that which I give them, and I’m not pleased with the way they are using that power so I think it’s time to yank it.

Let me be one of the first to jump out there and call for Obama’s impeachment. He seems to have the biggest little muslim chip on his shoulder of all. They want to control everything that is manly because they can’t handle it. It’s time for some indictments and some arrests of which tax cheat should not be the least.



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    […] long time ago, on this site, I wrote a piece called Schoolyard Wimps. This is the reason Chairman Zero (Obama) and his crew of wimps are standing with the union. It […]

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