Health Care

The brand spanking new healthcare plan from our fuehrer appears to be unsustainable. is that the term he used? I don’t remember, it gives me a headache if I listen to him for more than thirty seconds, he is truly a lot more ignorant than curious George ever thought of being. Anyway, he says he is going to fund it by taxing those of us that have healthcare for said healthcare as regular income. Oh, but his cohorts in the union, no tax.

So, all I could gather from thirty second sound bites is that he will be taking over healthcare and killing off old people because they are expensive to keep alive and medicaid and medicare are broke. Also they are collecting social security which is (you guessed it) broke.

This brings me to the old question, how can they be broke? They are trust funds. The money was put in there out of my pay. It has to be there, unless. Do you think someone has embezzled it. But that is a trust fund, wouldn’t that be a crime punishable by prison time? Let’s see, if you had a trust fund and I took some money out of it and gave it to my friend, oh…let’s say, Ted, to buy some beer, wouldn’t that be a crime? I’m pretty sure it is.

So, if a crime has been committed, why is no one in prison? Why is no one calling the police? Why is no one investigating this? Why does no one even seem to care. I want everyone who ever voted to take money from these funds and use it improperly, arrested, tried, and jailed. I am publically calling for this, right now.


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