Mass Transit

This is another hot button for the tyrants. They all seem to want you dependant on public transportation. First who is going to take a train on a day trip to another city? Come on, I don’t hear any takers out there. All you have to do is get to the train station, get on the train, relax, get off the train, find transportation in the city you are visiting. That’s not so bad is it?

Well, getting to the train station; $30.00 taxi ride. Getting on the train; $100.00 ticket. Relax; free if you do nothing while on the train, just don’t touch any of the stuff they have for you to eat or drink on the train as they make mini bar prices seem like bargains. Get off the train; free. Find transportation; $30.00 taxi ride. $160.00. I’ve bought cars for less.

I think it’s a control thing pure and simple. How can they control you if you can just up and leave.

Tomorrow we’ll ride the bus around town.


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