As I wondered earlier, why are trains so important to tyrants? What is it that they have that tyrants simply have to have? They are one of the most inefficient and expensive ways to transport anything, in spite of the CSX commercials on TV and radio claiming that they move so many thousand pounds of weight a mile down the track on a gallon of fuel. The figures are set up to make it sound better than it really is. Also, is that figure including the weight of the train itself. I believe one of those wheels may be a ton or more and there are eight of them on each car.

I have known many a railroad worker and one of the things that they will brag about to you is that they pay no federal income taxes. One actually showed me his check stub, zero income taxes. It’s a subsidy, one of many, without which the railroad would have gone out of business decades ago like it should have. It became extremely inefficient in the early sixties and has been going downhill ever since. Passenger trains cost an arm and a leg to ride and then you are still going to need a car when you get where you are going, that’s lose/lose.

Do you set at the railroad crossing waiting for the train like a good citizen? Do you believe that the train is a utility or something like that? NO! It’s the private property of someone. While you are sitting there losing time and money some rich dude is making money. How many people have died at railroad crossings so these dudes could make money? Do you think maybe they should take some of that money and build bridges and tunnels to eliminate railroad crossings? The government owns no railroad, but they subsidize them all. Something to think about next time you are setting at the railroad crossing, late for work.


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