Why are there gold vending machines in Germany. Could this have something to do with wheel barrels full of money to buy a loaf of bread. The Weimar Republic is the name given by historians to the parliamentary republic established in 1919 in Germany to replace the imperial form of government. It was named after Weimar, the place where the constitutional assembly took place. This liberal democracy eventually lapsed in the early 1930’s, leading to the the ascent of Hitler.

Although the constitution of 1919 was never officially repealed, the legal measures taken by the Obama administration, I mean the Nazi government in February and March 1933, commonly known as Gleichschaltung (“forcible coordination”) meant that the government could legislate contrary to the constitution (sound familiar?). The constitution became irrelevant, therefore 2009, I mean 1933 is usually seen as the end of the Weimar Republic and the beginning of Obama’s, I mean Hitler’s “Third Reich“.

In its 14 years the Weimar Republic was faced with numerous problems, including hyperinflation, and political extremists. However, it reformed the currency, unified tax politics and the railway system (why are railroads always so important to communist dictators like Obama?). Its constitution was seen as one of the most modern in the world and the Republic represented a period of cultural innovation in Germany. However, because it preceded Hitler, it’s widely seen as a failed democracy. Hope we do better.


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